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Creative Portraits

Creative Portrait Sessions 

Do you have a dream you are longing to bring to life? Bringing fantasy to life is a project of passion I love to indulge.  These sessions are projects of creativity and passion. Sometimes incorporated into a traditional session for a touch of magic, or a session on their own to bring magic into your world. 

Creative sessions are not limited on their scope - solo portrait, couples, families, children. Do you want to bring out magic as a witch, superhero, adventurer? From subtle hints to an all out fantasy, whatever you dream can be brought to life for you!  

These sessions begin with a discussion or chat about your vision and looks. Often these sessions require more than one conversation as a vision, props, outfits and ideas come together to create a beautiful, imaginative project.  These are truly customized and a melding of beauty and creativity that just lights a fire within! 

Sessions run up to 90 minutes and include access to the client closet, and props for styling. We work together to create a one of a kind experience you will be proud to hang on your walls for decades to come. 

Check out the Blog for recent, customize creative sessions.

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