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2022 CHRISTMAS MINIS are here!

2022 Christmas Minis have officially launched!

Like last year, there are 3 sets included in your mini session. Each session is 20 minutes long and you'll receive 5 images of your choice from a fully edited gallery. You also have an option to purchase the entire gallery, wallet prints, large prints and wall art from your gallery once it has been delivered. Delivery is guaranteed within 2 weeks. You can book your session here.

The first set is a nostalgic Christmas scene. It gives me a Christmas Party at the manor vibe. The sound track to Anastasia may have been in my head during this one. I pictured a little princess falling asleep after dancing in the Christmas Ball, or an old-timey Christmas Morning in the manor. We know my imagination gets away with me, and all of these sets have a story to tell.

This set is big enough for a family, including adults.

The second set is a fine art Winter scene. The backdrop for this has more of a painted look, allowing for a more fine art image.

These are sized for younger children. Four feet would be the max height for standing, but accommodates all ages of children in sitting.

The final set is a fine art Christmas Tree. This one includes traditional dehydrated oranges for decorating the tree. Of course these decorations can be used for a more inclusive and active image. Also allowing young ones to have something to concentrate on.

These set is also big enough for a family. Including a vintage chair or two.

Click here to book your session now!

All outfits pictured (plus more) are available in the client closet. If you would like to take advantage of my client closet or styling, please send me a message to confirm sizes available.

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