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3 Generations - The Final Part

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

The Final Part of my single -turned 2 -turned 3 -turned 4 part series on a 3 Generation session has come!

Now this "part" was really a part of them all. And you had hints throughout each - but this one was for me. This was for creativity.

I have always loved creative composites. From when I was merging pictures of my friends, with matching scenic images to match the lyrics from a Something Corporate song to match my teen angst, to now, I still love making something more out of an image.

I am a woman who loves Fantasy (ok Romantasy) books like a no other. I was a twihard before there were movies. I grew up on a combination of Sabrina the Teenaged Witch, and Star Trek (Voyager was mom's favorite). I listened to my dad editing videos to Phil Collins and imagined my life morphing into a Disney movie.

So given the chance, I am of course going to bring this into my work. Of course I am going to try to draw out all those stories I see in my head while I'm editing. It's just par for the course at this point.

Heavily inspired by one of my favorite movies as a child - Beauty and the Beast, and my favorite book adaptation as an adult - KF Breene's Ruin of Roses series.

Now these type of creative images - either smaller and subtle, or a full on background changing composite - they can be added onto an existing session if you'd like, or an entire session can be designed around your vision, or the world alive in your imagination.

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