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All that Jazz

Sometimes I get a session where the location, the family, the sky and weather all align perfectly. It's Kismet. This was that session.

I didn't know what location I was heading into, this was a client choice on private property. But man oh man was I pleasantly surprised. It was gorgeous!

We started out a little early, because of the unknown I didn't want to run out of light. Start the session out with a ride in the back of a side by side to a very old truck and a beautiful field. The sun was a little high, but it gave me a chance to pull out the crystals and play around a little bit.

From here we loaded up again and were off the final location. Let me tell you how in awe I was as this gorgeous location emerged through the fields. A picturesque view of the river below. It was heaven.

We started this portion of the shoot with just Mom, because Dad was waiting for the second trip to be chauffeured over to us. When I got Mom into position for some of the first solo poses - I was in awe. The wind picked up just perfect. And when she looked at me straight on I had an image of The Birth of Venus flashing through my head. Fairly sure I was photographing a goddess here.

After Dad made it to us, the sun hid behind the clouds and we made some magic.

I couldn't decide on my internal play list. Occasionally the soundtrack to Chicago blasted through. Yes, this was All That Jazz. Sometimes there was a little Zorro (apparently Catherine Zeta-Jones was the star of my soundtrack). Sometimes it was just that "awhhhhhh" sound you get in video games when a God descends, because - Hello - Goddess! Remember? And yes, now you know that I have an internal soundtrack that plays during all my sessions.

Either way, I'm in love with this session and family and can't wait to shoot them again when baby comes, and again in the fall with their whole group together and that beautiful landscaping turning all kinds of yellows and oranges. So please enjoy some of my favorites from this dream of a sessions:

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