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And their back!

The last time I saw this family, this little girl was freshly welcomed into the world. It is crazy, not only how fast time goes, but how fast they grow! Check out their maternity session here and their Fresh 48 session here! This also seriously reminded me how much I miss hospital Fresh 48 sessions!

As much as I hate feeling old, these moments when they grow up before my lens are really something I hold so dear to my heart.

This beautiful session was a morning session. The colors popped and allowed me to capture some of my favorite spots with a fresh perspective. Though I love golden hour, morning sessions are definitely underrated for their beauty. Plus kids usually have a little bit more focus, yes the energy is topped up, but patience is a little stronger in the morning vs after a full day. As a mom, I know my patience usually hasn't been completed depleted by 9 am (though some days I tell ya!)


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