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Asher is 6 Months!

I always try to leave a couple days open in my schedule for reschedules and last minute appointments. Weather in Grande Prairie can be pretty all over the place (especially these last few weeks!) so some flexibility is required. So when Maria sent me a message on Friday for a Tuesday appointment, I had the space to squeeze her in! Not only did we squeeze her in so quickly, but she drove 3.5 hours for this session! I am so honoured, and a bit in shock still.

Maria's son, Asher, is just a bit over 6 months, so we scheduled a Child Portrait session which included 2 outfit changes (or in this case one undressing), and 2 small set ups. The sessions are 60-90 minutes in length, so we can fit in a fair amount, especially at Asher's age, where posing and interaction is a bit limited. Sometimes the kids sail through a session in 30 minutes, but most of the time we need the extra time to have a little snack (hey modeling is hard work!), run around a bit, blow off some steam, and come back for more photos. Rushing is a quick way to get a grumpy kid. Any mom trying to get out the door can tell you that.

"what you see vs what I see"

As I said, Asher is just a bit over 6 months. He was a preemie, born at 27 weeks. You can tell his is an incredibly little warrior, and he must get it from his mama. I cannot imagine the strength it takes to have babies born so little, or the fear that must weigh on the heart. That being said, I wouldn't have known he was preemie until his mom told me. He's clearly made up for his early arrival.

Asher was having his first extended time outside, dealing with mosquitoes (despite a ton of baby bug spray) and birds flying above, people walking dogs, bicycles, and of course nature in itself. I think he may have been a little overwhelmed by all the new but he still did great!

Once we got him in the warm water, the fun was really on. As a water baby myself, I recognize that look - this kid loves baths! We also discovered he is definitely getting his first teeth because those rubber duckies rarely left his mouth!

All together, I loved this beautiful little session. It was great once I finally earned some smiles from Asher! I loved capturing all the details about this specific time in his life. The fisted grips on the duckies, the slightly wobbly sitting, and the fun in discovering feet through bubbles! I LOVE to capture all those tiny details. In that first year the details change so quickly, and as a mother I often look back at how little their feet were, the particular way they crawled, the scrunch of their nose and the way their little hands gripped toys to bring all those memories flooding back.

Maria got a large album with 78 images! Her session included 12 photos, but she upgrade to the entire gallery in high resolution digital photos. I can't blame her, with a boy this cute I had a hard time narrowing down my sneak peeks!

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