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Back in Business... sort of

Hey All! I wanted to stop in and make an update regarding business and Covid-19.

As you all know, I closed shop shortly after all schools were closed. I am currently still closed, however I am looking at opening outdoor only sessions May 15 or June 1 (depending on any applicable recommendations by Dr. Henshaw, of course.)

I have been in contact with AHS as well as taking in other local photographers' conversations with AHS, the province and city. Given conversations with them I will start booking outdoor only sessions. 

Going forward, some things will change a bit from what you may be used to in our sessions:

  1. Sessions are limited to one family unit. You must all be residing in one house.

  2. I will be maintaining a safe distance throughout your entire experience. Please use patience as this may slow down posing details.

  3. All sessions be paid either by credit/paypal or EFT.

  4. Any portrait contracts or model forms will be sent by PDF for digital signature prior to session for completion.

  5. Props and client closet items will be limited to items easily sanitized/cleaned. (Please note all outfits are washed after use, however they will be sanitized and bagged directly before session. Once you are done, please return to bag and I will clean and sanitize again for storage.

  6. When you see me I will be wearing a mask and I will have hand sanitizer on me at all times.

Scheduling will change a bit. I will be allowing 10 days between sessions, minimum. This is to make sure neither myself or my past client show any symptoms - and also allows adequate time to postpone or reschedule if someone does show symptoms.

My available days will also be reduced. Due to daycare's being closed, I am unable to schedule as openly as before. Like many in our area, my husband is an oilfield worker - and luckily still working. So because of this, I am sadly having to wait for days off. Normally childcare is not an issue, however these are different times and I appreciate your patience during these times.

Finally, if you show any symptoms, please let me know as soon as possible so we can postpone your session.

I appreciate you, my clients, who have patiently waited on reschedulings and for session times to open up again.

I can't wait to get out and photograph you again!

Emotive Portrait and Family Photographer. 

Deirdre Puff of DPuff Photography is a photographer located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. Also specializing in Maternity, Newborn (Fresh 48), Engagment & Couples and Creative Portraits.

Tel: 604-378-9411 (text me!)

Email: info@dpuffphotography.com

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