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Becca & Mike's 1 Year Anniversary

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Becca and Mike are celebrating their One Year Wedding Anniversary with a fun couples session! Last year I was there to capture Becca getting ready for the big day, and was so happy to be able to get out with them again for another fun filled session.

Now you should know getting started that Becca and Mike aren't just normal people - their awesome, nerdy and pretty awesome people. We've become good friends since our very first session, so I may be biased. They are proud to be a bit of work for me - and their gallery has more than a few funny faces mixed in. But it's always so fun because they don't back down from anything. In fact Mike got himself a genuine tree climbing injury because I considered recreating some Spiderman moves his son has done in previous shoots.

Even though I love a good adventure through fields and forest for photos, these two aren't really "foresty" people. So we opted for the urban environment of Downtown Grande Prairie. It was an interesting experience - as forests do provide some privacy from evening traffic spying a lovey dovey couple. But again, Mike and Becca are down to do pretty much anything I ask of them, so they braved embarrassment while I made them skip, dance, and kiss. All the PDA!

After our stroll through the downtown, we went down to Muskoseepi Park. Sadly I could not partake in ice cream cones, but I certainly enjoyed the fun of this added prop for photos.

They came away with 50 beautiful photos in their gallery and will be taking all of those home in high resolution digital file format.

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