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Codi's Mabon Shoot

It's hard to tell, but my front tires are sunk half way up the rims!

Do you remember Codi's Lammas shoot? We climbed almost all of Kleskun Hills for some great shots. Well this is a continuation. This shoot is inspired by Mabon, the second fall harvest. I drew inspiration from the apples, grapes, plums and wheat harvested at this time. The apples were from my own tree, plums and grapes from the Farmer's Market and the bread is artisan loaves from COBS here in Grande Prairie (delicious by the way!).

If you follow my stories on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen the predicament we (me) got us into on the way to location. I fully got my truck stuck! In my defense, it looked dry! Well luckily this favorite, private location of mine has an awesome neighbor who brought her skid steer over to pull us out!

After that we set up very quickly, and took some quick shots before we lost the light completely. It was a beautiful sunset, but not the lighting I originally planned... BUT you roll with the punches. And as Codi said, Mabon does celebrate the light and dark balance, so it seemed fitting we had a sunset.

This album was not nearly as large as the Lammas one, mostly due to light - but I still love it! Check out some sneak peeks!

And don't worry, after some pressure washing my truck was good as new!

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