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Codi's Samhain Shoot

I know, if you looked at my Page, you would swear Christmas was just around the corner (well it is... but we're technically still in Fall). But just because I'm planning for the most festive time of year, does not mean I have forgotten part 3 in my Sabbat series. If you missed those ones you can find Lammas here, and Mabon here.

So our weather has been less than "fall" these last couple weeks. As such, and because I did not one seriously freezing model, we moved inside. This was a great time for me to test out some more dramatic lighting, and have a little fun with it.

Though I did take some inspiration from Samhain (hey, little known fact, did you know it's pronounced Sow-en?), I didn't concentrate as much on the end of harvest meaning - though we definitely encouraged that with some props.

Oh, did I mention I had TWO models for this session? Bella, my faithful feline decided she was due a shoot.

I am so excited to start planning Yule, and all the warmth and festiveness that comes with it!


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