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Dancing in Dandelions

What you see

Last week, as my oldest took me on a bike ride to the park, I peered down the easements on my never ending quest for hidden gems of locations. I didn't expect the first one I found to be right behind my own backyard, nor for it to be at bright o'clock - 11 am.

Most photographers will say they hate noon light. Especially those of us who love natural light outdoors. I usually avoid it for the shadows high sun creates under the eyes. Its just not the prettiest of light. Especially compared to the enticing, golden glow of sunrise and sunset light.

So, on our way back from our trek I talked my not-so-begrudging model daughter to don a yellow dress and pose in the dandelions before school. We had 20 minutes to play, of which she shortened to 10. Check out some of the beautiful images of my dandelion dancer:

I had some sheds and fences to hide, but that's nothing some fun in photoshop can't fix. Scroll through some before and after comparisons of this spur of the moment, high noon shoot.

Photographer located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

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