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Oh Mr. Wilson!

When Grayson started to walk, and that blonde hair started growing out, I instantly knew that one day I would be taking these photos.

I've been collecting overalls for him ever since.

See Grayson is my Dennis in real life. I constantly worry that people just see him as the menace without all the amazing behind it. He's mischievous for sure, but there's so much more!

See, he loves diving head first off of couches, and leaping through the air. He loves riding his bike down the hill without a worry for breaks. My little epilepsy warrior with not one ounce of caution. He has an imagination I am envious of. I sit him in the car and he's making people with his fingers and making a whole world up before the buckles are snug. He's finding adventure in the monotonous. He's dragons in the clouds, and trolls in the trees. He's worrying about his family and friends and trying to fix their problems with that beautiful imagination of his.

I can practically hear Dennis' sing-songy "Oh Mr Willllsooon" every time Grayson dons a pair of overalls. His mischievous smile instantly makes me picture the beloved character. I don't think a character has ever personified a living being as well as Dennis has my son.

So, I give you my own personal Dennis the Menace:

Fine Art Children's Portrait Photographer located in Grande Prairie, Alberta


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