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Erin & Tyler

Check out the session video below
"I've loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you. What would be more reasonable than to marry you." - Little Women

Sometimes, in this line of work and life, you get the extreme pleasure of watching two worlds collide to make a new one. This was one of those moments where all my knowing screams this one is for the long haul.

It's not like either of these people are new to me. Erin's niece is my honorary one, and we've been around each other for years. Between Easter dinners and Thanksgivings, her family welcomed us on days it can feel pretty lonely to be 1000kms away from your kin. So when these two worlds collided I saw a whole new rotation begin and I was grateful to be able to put that feeling down to paper (or digital at least).

Every session with them has laughter, and love. There is a great balance of a good partnership.

This particular session was on one of the first days of our record breaking heatwave. Record breaking weather must be good luck, right? We relocated the session location because of the heat and sun, to avoid dehydration (and anyone - namely me- passing out from heat exhaustion). So we climbed down into a valley, and up onto the ridge, and walked a bit more extra to chase the light. It was playful and beautiful and an honor to capture their love.

Fine Art, Emotive Photographer located in Grande Prairie, Alberta.


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