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Falling for Maternity

What a perfect time for a maternity session. The seasons are changing just as their lives are about to. Poetic, one could say.

This session was timed perfectly between wind storms. The leaves were bright and colorful, and the wind just enough to add my favorite hints of drama. Though it wasn't always blowing the way I wanted, we definitely had some beautiful moments with dress and hair blowing. That dress, by the way is one of many beautiful gowns in my client closet.

As with almost all of my sessions, we went on a bit of a walk. Stopping at locations, small trails, these two were very accommodating as I gave myself whiplash checking out a barely there trail. This is the norm for me, just so you know.

We ended the session with a beautiful romantic golden light.

Maternity Photographer located in Grande Prairie, Alberta.


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