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Family Forest Walk

The wind was high, and all my plans for a prairie sunset went with that wind. The day was calm and sunny and of course, in true Alberta weather fashion, the clouds rolled in as the sun started its slow decent. We found sanctuary from the wind in the trees and took advantage of some beautiful diffused light, and long winding paths.

The star of this show was clearly the little one. She had the puckered lip DOWN and I was all about it! She was all about the wind on our walk, like it was whispering to her only jokes she could understand. She laughed the infectious laugh of every toddler since the dawn of time and fully captured my heart.

We took time for some couples and solo shots. And Mom, after my own heart, stood in all her glory daring the wind. Her dress and hijab flowed so beautifully! Once again I felt like I was in the middle of a fantasy novel where she was our heroine. But by now we should know my imagination always gets the better of me.


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