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Forever Family

Oh Fall! I yearned for the colors and yet forgot how busy it is. I'm in a cloud of editing and kids' schedules changing. Because of this I haven't gotten to share this beautiful adoption celebration session from almost 2 weeks ago!

I've been photographing Jordan for a bit now, between Daycare minis, and holiday minis - he's a pretty great sport about photos and gives great eye contact! I knew the adoption was on the cusp last Easter, and am so glad to be able to finally see it completed for this beautiful family. Jordan is clearly loved, and loved well. He's such a happy kid and I was so blessed to be able to capture these moments for them!

We had a great afternoon session, that resulted in a gallery with 57 images to choose from. Jordan's forever parents chose to upgrade and receive the entire gallery of digitals!

Congratulations to Jordan and his family!


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