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Goodbye Summer Maternity

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love my job.

I get to come home from a session, high on the feelings of creating art, but also of hanging out with some awesome people. Especially people who understand and embrace the awkwardness that is me.

This was another session that reminded me just how lucky I am.

We started the session with a little walk and casual wear to start out and ease into the process. As the sun started to head to the perfect place in the sky for golden hour, it was onto outfit change number one.

This Chicaboo gown is one of my favorite gowns for fall. Ashley's height was perfect for the skirt when turned A-Line, and of course she was beautiful with it pulled down to mermaid.

The second gown I have had for a while, but haven't had anyone choose it for maternity yet. When Ashley came to try on gowns and make her choices, she tried this one on and the tones in her hair, and the copper sparkle were a combination I could not miss! It worked out absolutely beautifully! The drama in this dress is *chef's kiss*.

Finally we finished the session with me yelling at them across a pond to "now kith" because like any true millennial my brain is made up of memes.

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