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Happy Ever After

Look how big he got!

Once upon a time I met a beautiful family to capture their adoption story. Not to far after we planned to capture their wedding but Covid hit, and restrictions and after all this waiting I finally got to capture the union of these two beautiful, loving souls.

It was a beautiful day. The wind was blowing, but after a few too many heat waves this summer, it was a blessing for the cool breeze. I'm a sucker for drama in wind, so I may have been a bit more than happy to see the trees and chiffon blowing in the wind.

This was a micro wedding capture. We started with getting ready, capturing both bride and groom, Ceremony, and spent extra time for family portraits, and of course the bridal portraits. The whole wedding was held at Moonshine lake, as a first time visitor I was so impressed with the maintenance of the area. It was a beautiful place to have a wedding, and full of lovely pockets of deep greener which I appreciated so much.

Congratulations Stephanie and Sean!

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