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Happy New Year

Wow. I know I am not the only one still processing that we are in 2022, let alone that 2019 was 3 years ago. It feels very surreal, to say the least. (Hell if I am honest, I'm still processing that 2002 isn't only 10 years ago)

2020 was a struggle, we all know that. My mental health, along with many others' took a huge hit and 2021 was bit on finding balance and happiness. In 2020 I took a step back from business for some self preservation and I was worried that when I was ready to be back at it, that I lost my place. But 2021 proved to be the year I needed. I have had the most amazing clients! I have hit goals I didn't think I could, I found balance I thought was impossible. I've made new dreams and my vision for what I want has never been more clear, but also has an air of exciting surprise I look forward to finding out.

2021 brought creative projects and visions to life for me. From delving into Memorial images and the service I offer on a freelance basis, to creative projects that fed my soul - Spring Goddess, Hansel and Gretel, and more! I am looking forward to taking a bit of a break in these next 2 weeks and coming back with more projects to fill my heart (and feeds) with beautiful images!

I have met some truly amazing families. Its amazing to not only watch these families grow, but to be a part of marking those milestones and moments is something truly fantastic. Seeing how some open up from our 1st session to their 4th - getting comfortable enough to do a TikTok with their nerdy photographer. Yeah, you can't beat that!

Thank you to everyone who made this 2021 a success. Who made 2021 a year of recovery and renewal and hope. I cannot wait to find out all the magic we create in 2022!

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