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In Home Newborn Session

Typically when I see a newborn its within 24 hours of their birth for a Fresh 48 session, but every once in a while I get invited in for an in-home newborn session.

I can gush on and on about the particular style of newborn sessions I do. Lifestyle newborn sessions involve lots of hugging and cuddling, and encouraging so much love. All so when you look at that photo of you gently laying a kiss on your new baby's head, you can practically smell that amazing baby smell years down the road. Or when you see those little tears you remember how it felt - all the newness and fears and worry and such overwhelming love. After-all, isn't that what photography is all about? Bringing back those memories from long ago.

Meagan invited me into her (gorgeous!) home for a little mommy and me newborn session. Dad was called away off to work for the day - but we had plenty of fun just the 2 of them. Near the end we invited her dog in and after adequate pets he was happy to pose as the proper protector.

Check out this beautiful session:

Welcome to the world little Prince!

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