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Let me introduce myself... again

Hey, I’m Deirdre Puff of DPuff Photography.

I'm an immigrant to Grande Prairie, and originally hail from across the Lower Mainland, BC. I followed my husband here for work, and my heart fell in love with the people and feel of Grande Prairie. There is nothing like this tiny big city we have here.

Grande Prairie, and the people here have supported me through some of the biggest moments in my life. I lost my mom to cancer while I was living here and I've lost pregnancies. But I also gave birth to two beautiful, slightly wild children here, and this is the only home town they know. I have celebrated 10 years of marriage here. And I have grown as an adult and photographer here. I have found friends who are family, clients who are friends, and the kind of roots that are strong because they had to dig a little harder.

As you may know by now, I'm a second generation photographer. I grew up posing in trees, like a true child of the 90's. My dad shot weddings, portraits and landscapes. Right now he mostly concentrates on some amazing landscapes, but he's been known to accompany me as a second shooter to weddings, and work with me on creative projects. His portraits never fail to remind me of the skill of a (mostly, but not all-together) by-gone era of film.

So I learned a lot of what I know, and my comfort with a camera from my dad. My mom taught me most of what I know of computers. Fun for me after school was creating composite images of angsty lyrics and pictures of my friends for their Nexopia pages. She gave me the space to create, and the know-how to do so.

Some days it feels like I somehow stumbled into this career that combines both sides of my brains so well. Really it seems like fate when I look at all I learned in my childhood. How my view was molded to visualize life through a viewfinder, even with my eyes wide open. Once I embraced that, it seems like there was no other choice for me. Who am I to test fate?

Most people tell me I am comforting. I was always that person who loved to give advice, and tried to be a big sister/mother hen to all. I am a strong, spirited person who loves and believes deeply. I'm a bit sarcastic, I think I'm funny, and I am going to be your biggest fan. I might scold you if I hear you talking down to yourself. That's just who I am.

I imagine a story with every shoot, creative or not. There's a fairytale or adventure in every image and I will probably prompt you to be a fairy frolicking before the time is up

I am a hopeless romantic and I love love. I support human rights. No matter what. I support choice and freedom and compassion and caring.

Check out my about me page to learn more.

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