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Levi's Comic Shop Shoot

It goes without saying that all kids are not the same. Some love a romp through a field full of cows like Levi's little brother, or a hike up hills like his sister, but Levi was more a stroll through Wonderland looking at comics. Who can blame him, really?

Since I have been photographing Levi and his family for a few years, very regularly- his mom had no issues with him coming along with me for a solo portrait session. He tends to loosen up a bit when mom's not there, so off we went on our little urban adventure.

Truthfully, I have never been in Wonderland before. Though I love all things superhero, it comes as a bit of a shock that my fangirling has been limited to screen and not paper. So in we went and I let Levi lead the way. He perused comic bundles, toys, explained the new-fangled pokemon to me, and sat down multiple times to read one of the two comics we brought (don't damage the merchandise, people!). More than a couple times my photography was an inconvenience to the story line he was reading but he played along pretty well and let me take the photos I needed.

After that we stopped for some lemonade and were off again to find some cool alleys for a bit of a variety. Despite a a terrifying encounter with a spider (a whole 30 cm away; with a total leg span of, like, 2mm) we got our urban shots. Though I'm not sure Levi will ever trust me to lean him on a wall again.

Just like all the sessions before, Levi's mom will be bringing home the entire album of digital photos. I can't wait for her youngest daughter's shoot and to see what unique ideas we can come up with just for her!


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