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Love on the wind

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

There are days that make fairy tales seem real. This was one of them.

When I left GP for Fairview for this wedding, the rain had just started. It may pass, might now, you know how the weather can be here. The clouds remained the entire drive and some wind picked up as I got closer. The dust from the tractors on the fields was blowing strong. I wasn't too sure what to expect for our lighting, but it's always fun to roll with nature's punches.

But nature didn't punch on this day. Nature cleared her skies and shone.

I'm a spiritual person, some may refer to me as "woo woo" (well, at least my husband does). So I wont deny that I felt I wasn't the only one watching this special day. As Sam walked down the isle a wind blew her veil the opposite way it was blowing. The sun beamed through in a clear patch of clouds, where before it was a solid ceiling. And I had more than few tears well up behind the camera throughout the afternoon, capturing this beautiful moment in time.

The wedding was held at the beautiful Oliver House in Fairview. A beautiful AirBnB that had me humming the Downton Abbey theme song in my head.

The evening was relaxed, with a flexible schedule that allowed for probably the most relaxing wedding I have ever experienced. We had moments to gather getting ready shots, and have mother figures step in for a moment and a tear or two.

Then Sam began her walk to her groom. A beautiful path through trees made a perfect area for the father of the bride to see his baby girl in her dress for the first time (cue more tears from me) .

When they emerged from the trees my lens shot over to the groom, being every bride's dream of completely and devastatingly in love with the woman walking towards him.

It was a beautiful ceremony and the couple went for a moment by themselves (with the exception of their local paparazzo ... sorry, not sorry that was a beautiful moment.)

After congratulations and happy tears spent, everybody got a chance at photos with the bride and groom, and then I was stealing them away for portraits. Of which the sun shone for beautifully!

Congratulations Sam and Enis!

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