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Morning Sessions

For a long time the only time of day I wanted to shoot was the coveted Golden Hour. And I love that beautiful golden light, but I think I may have a new favorite.

Morning sessions! Before the sun is high with noon, but before the summer warmth has settled in too strong.

Time when kids are more prone to listen (I say this of my own kids. Apparently their ears work best when well rested). When a day of summer play, and heat, and being home with siblings all day hasn't worn on patience and tempers. (Once again, from personal experience). A time when the sun isn't high, but the light is bright and we don't have to worry about losing light if a little (or a lot) extra patience is needed.

Especially given how late our sun sets during the summer, mornings create a great opportunity for those of us with 9:30 pm bed times (also me).

This session was a morning one. A week out the forecast said a cloudless, bright sun day, and I worried over it being too bright. Then thunder storms rolled through the forecast. But the actual forecast presented a beautiful slightly overcast sky. It was beautiful, and showed up gorgeous in the images. We also got the rare chance for some lake shots, right in the open with no shade to guard complexions and face shadows.

This session was also a blast. Little Mister had me howling with his many facial expressions both at the shoot and later during editing. One of my favorite parts about this age is the variety I can get out of one kid in one pose with a life's worth of expression changes in 2 minutes.

Editing also nailed in that fall is just around the corner. The long grass was browning, and I had to edit in a way closer to my fall images than summer. Which is the perfect way to mention that fall family sessions are booking up. You can still book here though.

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