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Mother Nature

I am forever inspired by nature, and natural images, especially when it comes to maternity photography. Mother Nature, Mother Goddess, the beauty and grandeur of pregnancy and motherhood is something that forever leaves me in awe. I try to bring this awe to life in every maternity session I do, but sometimes I get to go a little extra.

I was put in contact with Shawna regarding Halloween/Samhain styled creative maternity sessions. When I found out she was a florist and artist, I knew it was kismet! Then I started talking to her and I realized my vision of her revolves more around mother earth, and the above mentioned natural mother goddess vibe.

Shawna created her beautiful headpiece for this session. I believe she foraged from her own garden for a perfectly in season, northern Alberta head piece. I am so in love with what she did. I cannot wait to bring more of her artwork into sessions!

She is wearing a gorgeous Chicaboo gown that is available in the client closet. The sleeves are remove-able.

Scroll through some more photos from this beautiful Mother Earth session:

I had a ton of fun with this session. It is always so great when working with another creative who can understand your inspiration - better yet when I don't feel silly about telling her to look lovingly at a tree branch!

I can't wait for our Halloween themed session later on this month!


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