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Peace River Family Session

I shoot all over the county of Grande Prairie and beyond, if asked. This session was a special request out to Peace River. I've never been, so it was also an adventure for me in creativity on the spot. The 2 hour drive each way was a little escape for me with my audio book and despite it being windy, its always beautiful skies and peaceful terrain to pass the time. A little family of deer broke up the view and the drive home had me chasing a beautiful cotton candy sunset.

Peace River is beautiful and reminds me so strongly of the small town my aunts and uncles lived in where I'd spend summer and winter breaks as a kid. The instant nostalgia had set a perfect tone for this family session. Beautiful smiles abound, and their love was obvious - something that made my job so easy. The location we chose was downtown, beside the river and had beautiful views of the hills around. I imagine it would be gorgeous in the summer with beautiful sunsets.

We walked a bit of the trails, laughed, and at one point had an audience of friends out for a walk. Talk about that good ol' small town feel.


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