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Record Setting Love

There's something to be said about getting married on the hottest day in history. That's just what Tawnya and Wayne did.

We are a few weeks out from the hottest days on record and this wedding gallery is finally ready to go home. The sweltering heat is but a memory of tin foiled windows and sold out air conditioners now, but I've been reliving it these last few weeks.

Tawnya and Wayne had been expecting rain when all the sudden our forecast turned to 40 degree weather. Though I may have almost passed out from the heat (I am certainly not made for it), I wouldn't have missed these moments for anything.

They had a beautiful ceremony on a private acreage. The treed alcove where the ceremony took place reminded me of the nooks I'd see in a Tuscan romance, where kisses were stolen in the moonlight. It was a beautiful spot for a beautiful ceremony.

After we retreated to a shady corner of the property, not only was it hot but with not a cloud in sight to give us relief from the sun. But I swear Tawnya and Wayne were in their own world (with a much nicer temperature).

As I was putting my gear away they decided to hope under the spray of a fountain, where the kids had been cooling down. Let me tell you, I was definitely jealous in that moment! And what a great note to start a marriage on.

I hope they always live their lives finding joy in the spray of water on a hot day, and having adventures in everyday life.

Micro Wedding Photographer located in Grande Prairie, Alberta.


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