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Returning for Fall

As a photographer, or really any business owner, there is nothing more empowering than repeat clients. The ones who come back and just reiterate the statement so many of us struggle with of "you are good enough".

This family is always an absolute blast to hang around with. The kids are just plain fun. They always have me laughing, maybe feeling a bit like a dork, but I always enjoy time spent with them!

Every time we have a session it is at their house. They have this really awesome little path through trees that is just heaven for me. There's always a little nook to explore, a little stream of light that works perfectly. This time the perfect stream of light was near the back and around a bend, and coincidentally had me walking into the same prickle stick like 10x but it was 100% worth it!

Plus there was a super cute new addition to the family!

The bonus of seeing those kids grow up, seeing their personalities mature, their relationships solidify, and their bond grow stronger... well that's pretty damn cool too.

The last time I saw this family was in 2020. I know, that seems like a lifetime ago for me too. Before I was writing blogs about sessions, where Facebook was the only place my sneak peaks went - check out this post of their session then.

The kids have changes a lot since then. On top of that so has my editing style. 2020 did see some big changes in how I processed my images. It's always amazing to look back and see where they were, where I was, and how far we have all come.

Finally I get to walk down memory lane and compare what was and what is now. The kids have grown, my photography has grown. It's a great moment to sit and look back on what was and what is and be thankful for the journey.

2022 vs 2020


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