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During the summer I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Alexis's Maternity Session. It was a ride on the back of a side by side to a beautiful location with a gorgeous sunset, dramatic wind, and a to die for, gorgeous mama to be.

Well baby is here, and it's also fall family photo season!

And of course this family did not disappoint me with the adventure I would have, nor the gorgeous location they chose. Down a dirt road, then another windy dirt road, down on to the river bed, and we were there. Yes, I am glad I had my husband's truck, and I am also glad I didn't get it stuck again, though the worry did briefly enter my mind.

The river and colors were gorgeous. The family was fun, and clearly loved each other. It was a blast to be there to photograph them.

My favorite shots from this session are the family photos looking like a country western album. Maybe the Yellowstone theme song was briefly in my head (I was trying really hard not to sing Jolene ;) )

Overall this session was gorgeous and fun. The perfect mix.


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