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She Brings the Spring

Updated: May 2, 2021

With Easter and Spring Solstice passing, I can finally feel the warm tingles of inspiration again. Though I do love me a snowy day, with images of ice and hoar frost, I loathe to force a model to freeze for those beauty shots. Not to mention, there is only so much snow a girl can handle before the well of creativity freezes.

Now, this change of season brings me new ideas, concepts, and of course new client closet items. The well has thawed! Huzzah!

One of the newest client closet items was this rose gold infinity maternity gown. These gowns are strapless and have so many neckline options. A side benefit is that these are remarkable versatile for onsite outfit changes, slipping the long neck ties over and under shirts so there's no loss of dignity. Of course, none of the maternity gowns in my closet are limited to *just* maternity, as you will see below.

So, last night, gorgeous model in tow, I set off to bring a vision of a spring goddess to life. Helen was more than up to the task, looking like a renaissance painting brought to life. Or maybe Persephone personified.

Near the end of the shoot clouds cleared and the GP sunset showed itself in all its glory. Some fun crystal and copper pipe photos rounded out the evening with the perfect touch of magic in the images.

Another beautiful location in Grande Prairie, along the Bear Creek Trails.

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