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Puddle Jumping

Updated: May 2, 2021

The snow is melting, puddles are forming. We are in an in-between time, where we can sled down a hill or ride our bike on the street. The weather is hinting at spring, and I know my own serotonin has been flying high with sun.

A somewhat annual event for us over here is the start of puddle jumping season. Soon the puddles of melted snow will make way for thick muddy backyards that will result in many a mud pie. But for now we enjoy the timeless adventure of a big jump and bigger splash.

In editing these I was able to truly sit and be grateful for the simple pleasures of life. To be able to watch (and review) the pure joy in a child's face at being able to just enjoy. No worries of getting dirty, or getting in trouble for getting dirty. No care for presentation or being too dirty to sit in the car. This is all about a no -holds barred splash fest. Joy. Freedom. Jumping in a puddle is so much more.

So, I am pleased to now be offering to clients in the form of a custom puddle jumping mini session. Dates will be flexible with the weather. All you need is a change of clothes, and as Mama Pig says "if you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear boots". If you are interested, head on over to Bookings to select your date and time. These are always so much fun for all involved, memories my kids already cherish. Just remember to bring a warm change of clothes and a towel.

"Let them jump in puddles and enjoy the adventure - that's why we have washing machines and brave kids!"

Located at the Muskoseepi Park, in Grande Prairie Alberta. Grande Prairie Museum & Heritage Village pictured in background.

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