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Viking Inspired Maternity

To say I was excited for this Viking inspired Maternity session would be an understatement. We know by now I love to incorporate magic, nostalgia, fantasy and different beliefs in my creative work. When I get to incorporate it into client session my heart beats a little faster!

Now of course the Grande Prairie weather wasn't as cooperative as we would have liked. Originally planned for the beginning of November, but the snow wasn't so quick to show as it usually is. Then we had more warm days then I'm used to for November which caused melting and ice. We finally got a beautiful cold day, albeit still icy, to buckle down. It was the coldest day we'd had at that point and we were definitely feeling the cold after.

Our littlest Viking couldn't stay out too long, so dad took her for some treats and warmth while mom, her beautiful pup, and I finished a beautiful winter session. We traipsed through trees and climbed over logs. Let me tell you, at 8 months pregnant I was definitely not as fit and mobile as this beautiful mama!

What came together was some gorgeous images that draw to mind the likes of Skadi, goddess of hunting and winter - fierce, protective and strong.

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