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Visiting Imagination Land

Children's Portrait Sessions might be my favorite type of session. Yes, I love families, and couples, maternity and weddings. Creative sessions get the juices flowing. But Children's sessions have my heart.

Why? Because I see me in them. I see the little girl who loves to run through the trees and pretend she'd find fairies under the log, or that she was hunting some great beast. Because I made potions in mud puddles. Because as an adult, I yearn to feel that again, and when a kid crosses my lens, and when I edit their images - I do feel it again. I feel it and remember and it brings me a little closer to that little girl who knew she'd slay dragons.

Decades down the road, when she's got a little one who wants to run through the forest and find adventure on her own (and maybe frustrate her because she's gone just a little too far ahead), she can remember that she was once a little adventurer too. She once chased fairies and leaves with her best (stuffed) friend Tully. She plaid peek-a-boo around trees and walked on bridges of logs over a raging river of fallen leaves.

Children's sessions bring me so much joy because I get to step into her world for a little bit. I get to see through her eyes, down on her level. When I spend the time with her images after the session, I get lost in that imagination and the memory of my own little adventures too long ago.

Children's sessions are a slice of a world we forget as adults. I am blessed that I get to visit that world a little longer every time a child crosses my lens.


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