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Walsh Family Maternity

I've been talking to Cortney since there was snow on the ground about this session, and the light and weather were beautiful for her. I ordered in the yellow monroe dress, specifically for her, and she brought 2 other outfits for her session.

The beginning of our session was geared towards family, as her son Owen is 2.5, I knew we'd run short on patience quickly. He was quite the trooper since our session was at 8pm and in a beautiful park with lots of adventure opportunities! He gave me some great shots, and then was ready to go adventure, so Dad Matt took over and we got down to business of some seriously beautiful solo shots of Cortney!

Since Matt was on Owen duty, I enlisted the help of a lovely woman named Colleen to help with train throws. You do what you have to!

Check out some of my favorite shots from the Walsh Family maternity session!

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