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Who is face behind the Camera?

Well that's me. Deirdre. Or as most of my friends and clients know me - D. Or if you're my family who still think of me as a 5 year old, DD.

We can start with: I'm a strong woman, from a line of stronger women, who believes in the innate strength in all women. That's a lot of lady strength, I know.

Anyone else have Who I am by Jessica Andrew's stuck in their head? Just me then? K.

Dad & I at Maligne Canyon, Jasper circa 2013

As mentioned, I am the daughter of a strong woman - who taught me everything I know about computers. I'm also the daughter of a strong man - who is a photographer and taught me everything I know about cameras. My technical upbringing has uniquely prepared me to not only capture beautiful images, but to process them quickly producing a product that I am always proud to put my name to.

I remember being in high school and making Nexopia cover photos for my friends in a very old version of Photoshop (now-a-days that's called a composite). That was fun for me. And changing my MSN name to some angsty lyric so my crush might get the hint. #oldaf Who knew I'd be thankful for that hobby years down the road.

I'm also a mother. My fireball daughter is currently 3.5 and my spitfire son is 15 months. If you haven't guessed, their both a little wild. Neither one seems to have an ounce of caution, and they live for adventure. If there aren't skinned knees or a bruised elbow, the week isn't complete. They run me a little ragged and definitely drive me crazy, but I am so ridiculously proud of their spirit that I can't complain too much. They have taught me so many lessons in their short time on this world, it is crazy! Like patience, resilience, how to get back up after every fall, and how to forgive so very easily. They've also taught me what my own RBF (resting B face) looks like coming back at me.

Like many moms they are the reason I picked up the camera - or at least did so with purpose. They became the outlet for my creativity. In the past I painted, or wrote stories, but I could never bring my visions to life quite like how I can with photography - so don't be alarmed if I tell you to be a fairy frolicking in a meadow. Just get into character and enjoy our adventure. Trust me.

As you can see Liz is gearing up to be the 3rd generation photographer. She Ran back to get a picture of her brother. Told him to "stay right there, okay turn and say STINKY FEET." Her prompts rock. He's also a great model.

Here's a little more you may not know about me:

  • I am a huge superhero fan. Marvel. DC. Give me all the caped (and capeless) crusaders!

  • I am a huge romantic. I grew up reading Nora Roberts. I still have a huge collection of her books. I am also a huge Kelley Armstrong fan and love to watch my collection of her books grow!

  • I love LOVE. I'm going to ask you to get mushy. I'm going to ask you to cuddle and nuzzle. and I might giggle. Cause (as above) I'm a romantic.

  • I love sour food. Salt and Vinegar chips, lemon, sauerkraut, a ridiculous amount of vinegar on my fries. It's an old family joke that I'll be well preserved, like a pickle.

  • I prefer Earl Grey Tea to Coffee. And if you bring me a London Fog (with an extra pump) to our session, I will love you forever. If you bring me Red Rose, I may not speak to you again. Red Rose is blasphemous.

  • I've been described as a realistic feminist.

  • I am an oilfield wife. I get the schedule. I get the long hours and I get how hard it can be.

  • My daughter is my rainbow baby.

  • I AM a Rainbow baby.

  • I have 2 dogs, Maverick and Goose

  • I have 2 senior cats, Laine and Bella

  • I have been married to my husband for 8 years. We've been together for 12 years. We still really enjoy annoying each other.

  • I like paintball, but I haven't played in a while. I'm a camper.

  • I really love feeling like a badass, even though I'm only about 40% badass.

  • My husband and I play Catan almost every night of his days off when the kids are asleep. Party animals. I know.

  • I really like mowing the lawn.

  • I love lists. Hence this one. I have about 4 lists going at a time. Organization and planning makes me happy and usually gets me out of any funk I may find myself.

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