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A Reminder of Why

The second blog I wrote here, was a piece that (I think) is still very valid and important. "The Importance of those photos" explained my why. I don't need to reiterate all of those reasons. They are poignant and the points still stand strong (definitely head over there and take a read though).

But I feel like I could add more reasons on the why. As I've said, and been very open about - my mother passed away before my children were born from Cancer. The only way I can introduce my children to her, beyond a "she's always watching out for you", is the photos I have. I was incredibly lucky to have a photographer father, so I have a large and long history on film and digital. Those images are priceless to me.

There was a TikTok trend a few months ago, when the Green Screen filter was being used to show deceased relatives. (see mine below) I tried it with my daughter and despite instant grief at moments I will never be able to have, there was a relief and weight off my shoulders at finally being able to see, actually see, the image my heart has yearned for since I found out I was pregnant with my first.

I have viewed this video countless times over. And then I thought, well, I can do better. So I took my composite experience in Photoshop and made the images I felt in my heart.

When someone so intrinsic and important in your life passes, we often feel them lingering. Weather it be spirit, ghost, or just the memory - it brings me comfort, and I embrace that comfort. So I have felt her sometimes in moments - and it became a project to me to show what I felt. And in doing so, despite quite a few tears, I have been able to bring myself some peace in grief.

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