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Winter Boy Blue

A little creative liberty with the snow. Who says the weather you are given is the weather you have to keep?

We've had some very foggy days lately. One of the benefits that I was unaware of, was all that cold moisture in the air would give us Hoarfrost on basically everything outside. Usually when I see it, it's usually so cold I don't want to be outside, so this has been quite a pleasure for me.

Since today had a good deal of fog/overcast skies, I took a break kiddo 2 for a quick photo session after his Preschool class in the morning. 10 minutes can feel like a remarkably long time when photographing kids.

I am really loving this set. The colors, the ice/snow, and of course my own little model.

This was just another reminder to me about how important it is for these photos. He's changed so much since last winter, his personality, facial expressions - everything has matured just a little bit, and I'm so happy to have a snap shot of that growth, in a beautiful way I can share on the walls of my home.

Fun fact, that is a real snowflake. I highlighted it, but the positioning was such a fluke!


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