Hey, I’m Deirdre Puff of DPuff Photography.

I can’t remember a time when photography wasn’t a part of my life.  

I’m a second-generation photography.  As the story goes my parents met when my

dad was shooting a wedding and my mom was a guest. The rest is (well documented

in film) history. 

I spent most of my childhood in front of the camera, my teens involved a lot of

disposables and a portable web cam and a fascination with creating composites for

Nexopia cover photos for my friends (little did I know I’d be using those skills almost 20

 years later!). My camera selections slowly evolved as I did in adulthood and I became

serious about learning the skills (as with most parents) when my daughter was born. It wasn’t

until 2 years later, when my son was born that my hobby became a career.

As you may have guessed, I have pretty young kids at home. A 5 year-old, and a 3 year-old. They are fondly referred to as my wildlings, because they are that. They were born with all the karma their father and I deserve for childhoods full of adventure (a few broken bones), and all the grey hairs our mothers colored over. It is in watching them explore and adventure that I find real magic – and where I draw inspiration.

My son, war cry bellowing as he runs across the yard, sun streaming behind him like he is William Wallace himself; it is that confidence, adventurous spirit, imagination and freedom I strive to show in every child who crosses my lens. Or when my daughter dances barefoot in the grass, her dress flowing and imagination dancing with faeries, that I think of the beautiful mothers to be, dancing with their future in their belly (in a beautiful gown they borrowed from my client closet, of course). Every Fresh 48 (in home or hospital newborn session) brings me back to those first moments with my own. I love to capture the emotion – lives completely changed in the most magical way. Those first cuddles, the awe in life – and the resilience and beauty in the mothers and fathers.

I specialize in maternity, lifestyle newborn, children and family portraits. I specialize in the growing family, because that’s exactly where I am too. I understand the frustration in having your two-year-old want to chase butterflies instead of pose, or the silly faces your 5 year old pulls instead of the pretty smile you want – but we work with that. Tickles, cuddles, play to get those loving memories you will cherish forever. I understand the spouse that doesn't like their photo taken, and we can usually come to an agreement to get those shots you very much so want - sans guilt trips. I am right where you are. 

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little more. I can’t wait to work with you.

Fine Art Portrait and Family Photographer. 

Deirdre Puff of DPuff Photography is a photographer located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

Also specializing in Maternity, Newborn (Fresh 48), Children's Portraits,  Engagement, Elopements,

and Creative Portraits.

Tel: 604-378-9411 (text me!)

Email: info@dpuffphotography.com

PM: Facebook or Instagram

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