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About Grande Prairie’s Maternity & Family Photographer

Hey, I’m Deirdre of DPuff Photography.

But you can call me D.


I’m a second-generation photographer. I can’t remember a time when photography

wasn’t a part of my life. As the story goes, my parents met when my Dad was

shooting a wedding. My mom was a guest at that wedding, so the rest is

(well documented in film) history!

My Photography Heritage

I spent most of my childhood in front of the camera; my teens involved many

disposable and portable cameras. I developed a fascination with creating photo

composites. I made Nexopia Cover Photos for my friends (little did I know I would

continue to use these skills to this day). As I matured into adulthood, my cameras evolved as

well. When my daughter was born, I became serious about learning professional photography.

It wasn’t until my son was born (2 years later) that I turned my passion into my career!


My Inspirations

I'm a mother - that in itself leads to a yearning to freeze time and capture moments. To bring their imagination into those moments and draw out the magic. 


I'm also a daughter who lost her mother to cancer, before my children were born. The only way they can know the amazing woman who raised me  is through my stories. The only way my daughter knows she looks like her Oma, is through photos. And every time I look at her photos, or of my Oma, and Grandpa, I remember what it was like to hear their laughs.  Memorializing moments and connections is my soul's purpose. 



I love to watch my son run across our yard and bellow war cries as the sun streams behind him. I’m amazed by his confidence, adventurous spirit, imagination and freedom. These are the traits that I strive to show in every child who crosses my camera lens. 


I watch my daughter dancing barefoot in the grass. I see her dress flowing, and her imagination come alive she dances with magical fairies. That’s when I imagine the beautiful mothers-to-be in my Maternity shoots. Similarly, I channel this creative energy in these sessions. The result? A mother that dances with the prospect of a new beginning- inside her womb!

My Style and Specialty

In short, I specialize in Micro Weddings, Maternity, Children, Family, Fantasy, Fine Art and Emotive Portraits. I focus on growing families because that’s where I'm at too. I understand the frustrations behind working with young children. Whether it's getting your two-year-old to pose instead of chasing butterflies, or if it's your rebellious kid that only wants to make silly faces rather than a smile- I can work with that. Our fun and adaptable sessions will form loving memories that you’ll cherish forever.



Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little more. Please contact me for inquiries-I can’t wait to work with you.

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