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You know, the best feeling in the world for a photographer, is when client's come back year after year. Not only does it make me feel good about my work - but I get to see those babies grow and the relationship we've all developed has the flavor of happy history that makes sessions so much more fun.

This family... THIS FAMILY.. has been coming to me since there was only 3 of them. With a wardrobe malfunction on their first session, they solidified themselves as one of the most fun families to shoot. The last time I saw them was with their little dude just barely sitting. Imagine my surprise when little dude is a big brother and I have another cute boy to photograph!

This session was late morning verses the typically golden hour I usually shoot at. They had hours of travel ahead of them, so it worked perfectly to tire the kiddos out with a walk and fresh air, and the specific area I chose has a good amount of shade. I love how the light streams through the trees, it always makes me want to get a little lost in the trees.

And because seeing them again made me all nostalgic, here's a look at some of those past shoots. Its kind of crazy to see how my photography has grown with them! 2019 to 2022. From Cake Smash, Family session, Fresh 48 (man do I miss those!), Milestone session to Family again. Its been a journey for us all!


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