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3 Generations Part 3

As I mentioned in Part 1 and Part 2 - this has been a multi part session. Not in time spent, but definitely in outfit changes and the feel or theme of each part as I edited.

Part 1 was in Burgundies and felt very much so like 3 Queens: Maiden Mother and Crone.

Part 2 was in Pastels and felt like Spring and Mother's Day and celebrated that.

Part 3 is for Mom and Grandma alone - to celebrate confidence and power of woman.

Part 4 is for Creativity.

For this part of set up and editing we utilized some fabric that was added to my client closet just that morning. It was the perfect weight to blow in the wind without being too wild. Just a bit of weight. Sheer enough to be sensual with a little coverage (plus the body suit) for comfort.

And of course I cannot help adding a little bit of the fantastical..

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