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3 Generation Studio Part 1

Updated: Feb 12

I had one of my favorite models in yesterday. This time her mom and oldest daughter joined. I'm splitting this session into 2 posts because there are 2 very different tones and feelings to each of the parts.

Update: You can see the second post here.

This was the beginning of the session. Despite lots of giggles behind the scene, this definitely had a dramatic, serious feel to final images. I was fully leaning into the dark tones and feeling. As I've said time and time again...and again.. and again, when I get the images in to edit I am imaging a fairy tale or fantasy story regarding them.

In this one there may or may not be 3 warrior queens in my head that needed to come out in the final images.

The 3 Queens - Maiden, Crone and Mother

Having my 2nd obsession (books) behind me definitely spurned me on to bring fantastical elements into the images. I absolutely love that we can take a beautiful picture and take it to something with a story behind it, fictional or not.

What's the story behind your favorite image?

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